Interview Questions

Dear Reader,
I had a job interview last friday. It was a presentation that was done online, with three of the executives of the company. This is a consulting company that is advertising for a PhD in Chemistry, Biology or Biochemistry. I do not consider consulting my favorite cup of tea but everyone needs to work. It will involve a lot of travel, which does not really excite me (nor my wife) and I went into the interview with a certain relaxed feeling. The presentation went smooth, it was mostly for them to see the i can efficiently and clearly explain complex technologies. I thought I did ok, at least enough to advance to the next step.
As a guidance, these were the questions that I was asked:
1. Why are you moving away from research and academia?
2. What kind of work do you think that this position requires?
3. What are the qualities that you think you have that are beneficial for this position?
4. General questions about my resume, such as why I left my previous job (since I left that job to join my current postdoc position, because of the prestige reputation of the university).
I also asked them several questions, just to get a feeling how I would feel about learning from these executives, how they interacted and to find out more about the work that I am expected to do. Also, i asked about the company’s 5-yr plan.
I thought the interview was really dry, no nitty gritty questions and honestly reminded my of hostage negations where neither party actually wanted to spook or frighten the other one.

Also, I am back on my meditation plan and what a difference. I can not even describe how much it is helping me. To thank them back, I will be helping the Ananda community as much as i can by volunteering. If you are stressed, try it out.

Also, the sequester (yes, I am talking about that thing you hear on Fox) is affecting myself badly as well as every scientist in the US. Just got an email from my funding agency stating that due to the sequester, they will not be able to pay out any funding until the issues are resolved. And at the same time, John Kerry gives Egypt $250M? Sorry but Disease > Egypt >Department of Defense airplane.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day/evening wherever you are…and whenever actually too.