First big disappointment-MoFo rejection.

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Dear readers,

yesterday was a tough day. Not because I had to face someone or some challenge. It was mostly tough inside my head. I did not make it through MoFo’s strenuous interview process. The interview process was in four parts, starting with the common resume process, followed by a phone interview with one of the associates or the partners. If you made a good impression, you enter a writing contest where you need to summarize two patents (in my case it was the Myriad BRCA2 patent and a banana cutter). The last stage is the interview stage, where you are interviewed with two partners and the staff to see if you would be a good fit into the culture. I never made it to that step since my writing exercise was not up to MoFo’s standard. *Sad song.

Rejections are sometimes hard to swallow. Whatever the reason was (please comment the reason you did not get a job), your automatic thought is always:

“I am not good enough” or “I am not cut out for this.”

This is exactly where my head was yesterday, bouncing back and forth with those two to try to make sense out of it all. Trying to make myself feel better. Making myself face reality and face those two sentences head on. Make myself stop dreaming, because it hurts when they do not come true. It hurts. After the wrestling with my brain for the whole day, I realized something. I realized that I have two options. A) Just go with the flow, continue to sink and stop believing in my ability, eat more, exercise less, become unhealthy, start drinking Jack Daniels in the morning, stop showing up for work (ok enough, you know where this is heading) OR B)Realize that I need to do better to put my resume at the top, I need to write more efficiently and most of all, the only thing I need is to IMPROVE my system and training. I picked the latter since I did not have any Jack Daniels in the house.

 What would you teach your kids, if they were facing the same difficulty as you?

To give up or get dirty?