How much is your dream worth?

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Dear Reader,

Can you put a price on a dream, even though you do not know how it ends?
I have been offered a really, really nice consulting position. It is well paid, it is interesting and I already know three employees so it would be easy to feel at home. However, it involves a lot of traveling. I am fine with travel. I actually like to sit on a plane and work. So what is stoping my from leaving my current situation and start a new career?

In short, it is my desire to become a patent agent or a patent attorney. I have gone through the roundabout several times, making pros & cons lists, discussions with my wife, asking friends and family. But it always just boils down to this single fact, I think I will enjoy working in the law profession (and of course working locally).

Think is a big and a powerful word and we do not give it much credit.

For example, we say “I think that I am right” in the meaning of I am not sure that I am right. It is like we do not trust ourselves enough to only go with our own thoughts. I think a lot, seriously a whole lot. I am a intuitive thinker according to the tests. This ability is my strength and makes me good at what I am. However, I do no fully trust it.

Basketball players need to have trust in their ability. Standup comedians need to believe in their strengths. Heck, everyone needs to believe in their ability to excel. So do thinkers. We need to substitute the meaning of think in your head with I know, instead of I am not sure. We need to trust our guts more, trust our instincts and take the decisions that WE think are the right ones.

We are not always going to be right but basketball players do not always make a basket.

Have a good one.