Another application, another day!


Hi Readers,

Have you ever been so swamped in work but still not working? That’s exactly where I am at now. After i was told that I would possible be let go in june, the only thing that I have been doing is WORKING on FINDING ANOTHER JOB! Is that so weird? I mean, nobody tells a person on death row that he needs to get up and work?! Or do they, I don’t really know but if it would be me, I would say “heeeellll no, I am staying here in my cell, working out and doing everything else than doing whatever you want me to do!” Or else what?!
Anyway, applied for a job today in a law firm that has an opening for a technical advisor/patent agent. I decided to change my approach in terms of the cover letter, wrote a bit upbeat letter, referencing people from the company and their reputation and also mentioning the fact that the company has a ping-pong tournament every year (Thanks Google). I will let you know how it works out. I also added QR codes to the bottom of my cover letter, with my contact info as a vCard and a link to my linkedin profile. That way I might get lucky and notice if someone scans in the linkedin code. Smart right?
Lets hope so!