I am a newly-married postdoctoral scientist living in a foreign country (again) and trying to multitask my life. Ranging from being the best husband, sending in immigration forms, getting a green card, coping in my current job, dreaming about the future, applying for technical advisor or patent agent positions, trying to start a company, trying even harder to submit a patent, meeting investors, researchers, collaborators, friends, family, blah blah. I recognize my own mental limitations, I can get depressed about my job situation and I can easily give up…but that is why this blog exists. I need to remind myself that there is another day tomorrow even if today was hard, I need a reminder that there is always a rainbow where there is rain, I need to set my goals on the future instead of dwelling on the past. This blog is all that and possibly even more if it can help someone that is like me.
Thank you for reading my blog and know this, if you comment on my posts…you might just make my day.


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