When accidents occur!

Be an occasional risk taker.

Good morning Reader,

Something happened to me yesterday. Something that had not happened to me in a while. I fell of my bicycle and bruised my elbows and got “road rashes.” It was uncomfortable, yes but I think that it sparked a feeling within that I had not experienced in a while. Feeling that I experienced a lot in my youth, a mixture of embarrassment and failure. This got me thinking.

In our youth, we lived every minute to explore. One of my examples include finding a bee nest, aggravate them and fight them off with a tennis racket. I got stung once. Another example included rushing down the meanest hill of them all, on my BMX. Now, I would not even consider that hill a slope but we all had hills or dangerous acts that we did not even think twice about performing when we were younger.

Did we lose this ability when we got older?

I tend to be an over thinker. It might be a relaxing day in the office but my brain is constantly on. If I have a decision to make, I not only think it, I obsess about it. When the decision has been made, I still think about it. This was quite the opposite when I was younger. I thought, I did. I thought and I did not. End of story.

I miss that part of myself. Can it be that I got scared? Did I make the wrong decision and it got stuck in my head, making me rethink every possibility? I do not know (but I will tell you if I find out). I believe that we all need to have that childhood spirit of doing and then reacting, not thinking, doing, reacting, think some more. We all need to get rid of that fear that we seem to get when we become “grown-ups.” We need to allow the risk taker to work sometimes in our lives,

because it did not matter if that hill gave you bruises or you hit your head (no helmets in my day), it healed up.

Have a good weekend!


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