Top 5-Get over it!

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Dear readers,

I have a confession. I like the articles on Linkedin. They are free, motivational speeches from successful people (I wonder why none of the Featured writers are people actually looking for a job, such as myself, hmmm). I like the articles when they are exactly what I am thinking because they make me feel like I am on the right track. I like other articles because they tell a story about someone that claims that he/she was stuck in the same situation as myself. Then there are the lists. “Top 5 things how to ace an interview”, etc etc. These are all reruns of the same list that was written by someone with common sense. However, I am going to make a list of anything at least once a week. My lists however, do not always include motivational talk.

This list this week includes ways to get over the fact that your application was rejected.

1. Positive thoughts. Yeah, it sucks. Yes, it sucks worse because you had already imagined yourself as a happy camper at that work, dressed well, telling jokes by the coffee machine and being very successful. But you know what, you probably thought the same before you took your current job. Honestly, you hit a bump and you got roughed up but it can only get you better for the next application. Even diamonds need to be cut and polished.

2. Do no be embarrassed. Similar to a relationship breakup, we sometimes are afraid of telling people about our rejection. They might think that we are losers, that could not get an interview or a job. This is mostly because human beings are self-centered. We constantly believe that everyone are spending their brain power on us. Everyone and their uncles are thinking about us and changing their perspective of us every moment. Everyone are keeping us in check and monitoring our steps, failures and successes. Geez, they are not. It is just your head. Our friends and family hold us in higher regard than we do. Seek support and let them know that, yes you are disappointed and hurt but you will bounce back.

3. Get back on the dance floor. According to  love gurus, the best way to get over your ex, is to get back on the market. Spend an hour finding another interesting job, go and meet people, apply for positions (you should never stop doing that), get other people to read your resume. Get in the mix, now!

4. Get organized and working. Your work is sometimes left alone and unattended after focusing (reads obsessing) on a specific interview process for a long time. Get back into your job, even if you desperately want to get out of it. Why? Because this is going to do at least two important things: a) It is going to get your confidence back and b) it is going to get you a better resume. Both of which are helpful for your next interview.

5. Eat and exercise. No joke, this helps. It gets the negative thoughts out of your head. It pumps you full with happy enzymes. The best thing is to train for an event, 2K, 5K or 10K. This is extremely helpful to get things into perspective. Getting your dream job is just like a marathon. Few people can finish it without some preparation. You will have to train for it, starting smaller and than increasing. You will become tired. You will want to give up. But in the end, crossing that finish line will be worth every single victory.

Do you have another advice for me? Leave it in the comments. 


One thought on “Top 5-Get over it!

  1. Positivity is key! If you choose to be happy and have a positive outlook on life, it will come to you! Would a job be ideal? Yes. But there are other areas you can work on while working hard towards that end goal. I love this post!

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